Become a Reseller: Simplify Media Player Activations

Join our reseller program to help customers activate their media players with ease. Increase your revenue with our straightforward activation process and dedicated support.

Credit-Based Activation

Activate apps and features by recharging credits, offering flexibility and control.

Easy Reseller System

Our activation system is designed to be smooth and easy to use.

Secure Transactions

Secure payment gateways and encryption protocols for safe credit transactions.

Reliable Customer Support

Dedicated support team available 24/7 to assist with instant credit recharge.

Reseller Pricing

STARTER - 30 Credits


Perfect for Beginners: Start Your Reselling Journey


ADVANCED - 60 Credits


Elevate Your Reselling Strategy


Premium - 240 Credits


Maximize Your Revenue


Frequently Asked Questions

Outline the advantages such as earning potential, marketing support, and access to exclusive products or discounts.

Yes, our minimum credits for resellers is 30 credits.

You can contact us directly from the website on Live Chat, or just chat with us on WhatsApp it will be amazing to have a discussion.

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